I woke up this morning with a slight sense of inner peace…

And then everything changed and I realised the decisions I have to make and the money problems I have right now and the health issues I am going through. Everything was so clear and then everything was so blurred as reality kicked in. I daydream often and sink into a fantasy world for hours on end then realise this is not MY world this is another Corinna’s world, in another dimension in another galaxy…then I’m left feeling empty. How can someone feel so empty but feel such a dead weight at the same time? I look down at my body as wander through my day to day tasks, often not aware, not in control…it’s pretty terrifying but I don’t show it.

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When things just make you crazy like a dog that has got fleas. When the people in your life will do anything to please…oh doesn’t it just make you crazy…?

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shit got weird in the 50’s 

AU where “Go to your room!” had no effect…


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I likey.



I likey.

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So cute

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Ridiculously missing you.
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I really want to bed a 30 year old…

…Maybe older…hmm silver fox.

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sharringlifewithgoodfriends asked “where are you from?”

From the uk

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I think piercings are beautiful, I don’t understand the attraction I have for them, I just love them without real reason.

I always am thinking of one I want next. At the moment my piercings are as follows:
Standard lobe (both)
Upper lobe (both)
Helix (right)
Tragus (right)
Scaffold (left)
Nose (right nostril)
Nipple (both)

It’s not a crazy amount and I doubt I will ever have a crazy amount…but I am very very excited about my next one. Probably will be my nape and then maybe some dermal anchors on my collar bones.

Ear piercings were used by primitive tribes to keep demons away. Some tribes thought demons entered through the ears and that metal repels demons. There are of course many more reasons why ear piercings have always been around.

There are very interesting pieces of history surrounding all piercings…it’s certainly worth looking up.

The truth is I don’t think I have a particular deep meaning for enjoying piercings so much.  I love the pain, I love how pretty they look. But that’s all I got…maybe one day I’ll wake up and know…but until then it looks like I’m one of those stupid people who just ‘want to be different’ even though that makes me the same.

Peace and happy piercings.

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New colourful hair.

New colourful hair.

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